The Phoenix Symphony at its best

“The symphony [Rachmaninoff Symphony No.2] flew unforced, genuine, and with the most unadorned simplicity. Likewise, it was refreshing to see that no ego came between the conductor and the music. Constantine, rather than standing in the way of the score and trying to make things happen, simply let the music generate from within.

In last night’s program, all sections of PSO were truly commendable and the audience responded with great enthusiasm to a distinguished performance, probably one of the best in the past ten years.”

Christian Dalzon


London Philharmonic, Royal Festival Hall

“Andrew Constantine showed a capacity Royal Festival Hall audience just what he was made of, ending his big demanding programme with an electrifying performance of Prokofiev’s Symphony No.5.”

Anthony Payne, The Independent


Buffalo Philharmonic, Kleinhans Hall

“Constantine… showed a loving, attentive manner…he shapes and sculpts the phrases. You not only hear it, you see it. Constantine shaped the piece [The Banks of Green Willow] with leisurely eloquence. The woodwinds shone, projecting an otherworldly peace. The ending, a soft breath on the strings that drifted into silence, was exquisite. Constantine, conducting with that unhurried poetry, did a good job of selling it to us.”

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra – M Kunz,


Philharmonia Orchestra, Guildhall 

“Under the baton of Andrew Constantine the Philharmonia began in lively fashion with Bernstein’s splendid Candide Overture. Copland’s Rodeo ballet music completed the first half, allowing the orchestra to display both sensitivity and virtuoso rhythmic control………a charming encore by Leroy Anderson brought beautifully refined playing, and confirmed the concert’s high standard.”

Terry Barfoot, The News, Portsmouth


London Philharmonic, Royal Festival Hall

“For Montserrat Caballé, Constantine treated Verdi’s extraordinary wind-writing in the Otello music with loving care. For the pianist Nikolai Demidenko he honed Rakhmaninov’s orchestra in the Paganini Rhapsody to a bright gleam, and made an alert partner to his dazzling soloist………..Romeo and Juliet – Tchaikovsky – had been prepared with passionate care, as if to rescue it from routine pop-status, indeed he forced us to listen with unusual attention.”

David Murray, The Evening Standard, London


English Symphony Orchestra, Malvern

“Under his baton the English Symphony Orchestra became a delicately balanced and responsive instrument with which he combined to display musicianship of the highest quality. It was a privilege to hear this young conductor at a comparatively early stage of his career. Remember his name – it will be heard frequently in the future.”

Hilary Carnson, Hereford Times


Reading Symphony Orchestra, Santander Performing Arts Center

“Under Constantine, Carl Maria von Weber’s Overture to the opera “Oberon” and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C Major were both impeccably performed. But the RSO truly showed its mettle when collaborating with a world-class pianist – the Italian Fabio Bidini – in Sergei Rachmaninoff’s beloved Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor. He and Constantine were obviously musically compatible, together coaxing out a second movement that went from hypnotic to transcendental. Their interpretation made me forget that I had ever heard this concerto before; it was like hearing it for the first time.”

Susan L. Pena, Reading Eagle –


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Exeter

“Andrew Constantine showed himself to be a perfectionist in the Incidental Music to Schubert’s Rosamunde. Each phrase, each chord, had its special quality emphasised in a glowingly polished performance which was warmly expressive. The Second symphony by Vaughan Williams was as atmospheric as it is possible to be. Tension in the allegro was well maintained and the complex finale subtly played.”

Margaret Smith, Exeter Express and Echo


London Philharmonic, Royal Festival Hall

“The poise and hushed beauty of the London Philharmonic’s playing was one of the most remarkable qualities of Constantine’s direction. He has an exceptional gift for holding players and listeners on a thread of sound, drawing out the most refined textures.”

Edward Greenfield, The London Times

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